shoot it!
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See this every f*****g day?
This one thing or person making You
feel like grabbing a gun and
shooting it, dammit!?
But, as You might know, using a real gun
could be dangerous and is strictly
prohibited by law most of the time ;-)
[Serious:] Don't (!) shoot with real guns at
real people or things that are not Your own!

[Fun again:] Just take a picture of Your
favourite target, upload it here and make
as many holes as You like ;-) !

made in the bit bureau


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How to play:

Click on the gun picture above.
A new window will appear and You
can upload a picture to "shoot at".
File size is limited to 100kB, so please
check first! Larger files will be rejected!

You'll get 30 cartridges in 2 magazines.
Reload pressing the [R]-key on Your Keyboard.
Zoom in|out with right-click in the FlashPlayer.
Play again pressing [Y] or come back
here to load a new picture.

Flash5 PlugIn and JavaScript required!
The clip will stop and show You a link to
get the Flash Player 5 if it's found missing.